Jazz xlr8’s mission is to discover and support Pakistan’s best startups, help them scale and build a thriving startup ecosystem in Pakistan. We endeavor to find and empower entrepreneurs, through our global partnerships, customized curriculum, mentor network & Jazz services.






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The Jazz xlr8 program offers startups access to

Jazz Mentors

Jazz Mentorship program is custom designed where we conduct need assessment of startups and assign subject matter experts and domain specialists from Jazz to provide mentorship and support in diverse domains.

Big Data & Analytics

Jazz helps startups optimize their digital and marketing campaigns using advanced Data & Analytics.

Data & Distribution Packages

Jazz provides startups access to over 69 million subscribers. In addition to this you can also access Jazz distribution networks and digital marketing support.

Digital Trainings

With Jazz xlr8 you can attend customized and bespoke trainings in Design Thinking, Performance Marketing, UI/UX, Communications and many more.

Digital Financial Services

As part of Jazz xlr8 you can have access to a wide array of Digital Financial Services including payment gateway, collections & disbursement solutions.

Free Credits

Jazz xlr8 has negotiated deals of over $1.3 Million to provide free credits and discounts to startups in CRM tools, Data Insights & Analytics, Cloud, Customer Care, Enterprise Software and many more.


Anzen is a smart home security and automation service which uses AI enabled cameras & intelligent switches to provide security and surveillance solutions linked to a smartphone.

Lets Innovate is an innovative technological startup. From the start the company has been working on various projects and developed products in Automation

Chefling Tales is a web-based platform that discovers and promotes the traditional food of Pakistan.

Startup founded by differently abled people focusing on bridging the communication gap for the deaf community in Pakistan through the provision of sign language interpretation as a service.

Blockchain-based donation management system to prevent fraud and corruption.

Frontmat brings messaging and analytics for customer service to one platform through wifi connectivity, allowing restaurants to interact with their customers.


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Meet the Team

Our team aims to transform the digital landscape by supporting entrepreneurial ventures across Pakistan

Aamir Ibrahim

Chief Executive Officer

Aamer Ejaz

Chief Digital and Strategy Officer

Mian Talha

Head of Digital Channels & Partnerships

Haris Javed

Head of Digital Products & Growth

Ali Rizvi

Expert Innovation & Entrepreneurship


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