Anzen is a smart home security and automation service which uses AI enabled cameras & intelligent switches to provide security and surveillance solutions linked to a smartphone.

Chefling Tales is a web-based platform that discovers and promotes the traditional food of Pakistan. We bring to you unique recipes, trending dine-in spots and guide you to bona fide travel destinations of Pakistan.

Lets Innovate is an innovative technological startup. From the start the company has been working on various projects and developed products in Automation

Mad Hunt is an interactive game. The gameplay of mad hunt is similar to Pokemon go. Once you enter the mad world you can explore and interact with your surroundings, engage in immersive content based activities.

Mapalytics is startup working in 3D mapping. Using photos and spatial data from drones, Mapalytics maps the locations and heritage sites in real-time, rendering not only the physical form of the site, but its texture and colors as well.

Content Studio is a platform to discover new, engaging and trending content with detailed engagement stats and analytics to help you manage content for multiple social media platforms and channels from a single place.

Integry provides ready-to-use integrations that you can drop in your app. Users can then bring their data from other apps into your app and have a 40% reduced churn, double the LTV.

Lasting Sales is an artificially intelligent sales engine that predicts word of mouth factor for sales. It is a LinkedIn for business customer base.

Rasai is an advanced Transportation/Logistics Startup that utilizes Deep Learning, GIS & Traffic Engineering to group passengers going in similar direction in order to dramatically cut down cost and congestion on the roads.

Traverous is a mobile app incorporating social features specially crafted for the needs of travellers.

Noerric is a technology working to enhance the cricket industry with the use of AI. Noerric aims to remove disruption from the cricket match without any change being required to the pitch.

Roamer is an app-based shared economy platform where users in Pakistan can rent cars by the hour from a community of local car owners.

Mauqa Online provides verified helpers at surprisingly low rates for household chores like cooking, cleaning, babysitting and more, ensuring that you can get reliable help whenever you need it without any hassles or worries.

Talkhealth digitizes healthcare facilities. The aim is to digitise and connect and every clinic, hospital and diagnostic centre of Pakistan and to enable electronic medical records in Pakistan.

Frontmat brings messaging and analytics for customer service to one platform through wifi connectivity, allowing restaurants to interact with their customers.

Startup founded by differently abled people focusing on bridging the communication gap for the deaf community in Pakistan through the provision of sign language interpretation as a service.

Radical Growth Solutions aims to introduce low-cost agricultural management & operations enabling tools, which will optimize farming.

Blockchain-based donation management system to prevent fraud and corruption.

Autonomous drone delivery platform and custom delivery drone startup.

Food delivery startup empowering home chefs to deliver home cooked food to working professionals.

S-Tech is a video artificial intelligence startup that has developed proprietary technology for safety and security solutions.

Kardaan is an app that connects blue-collar workers with clients operating in the gig economy.


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